Professional Training & Mentorships

Goodlife Physical Therapy clinicians Mickey Shah and Steven Tijerina offer Clinical and Business Mentorship virtually. These sessions are available to any professional interested in meeting with us to discuss vestibular rehabilitation clinical concerns and/or vestibular rehabilitation business development and management.

We understand the challenges that professionals face trying to learn all there is to know about vestibular rehab and running a vestibular rehabilitation  business. We also know that there are many groups and services available to help, but sometimes people need a more individualized approach with specialized attention given to your particular questions and needs. We have been working as vestibular physical therapists for 20 years and we have been business owners for 12. Chances are, whatever it is that you are struggling with, we have been there and we can help.

One-on-One Clinical Mentorship

To be a successful vestibular rehabilitation specialist, not only do we have to have a comprehensive understanding of the vestibular system, but also many other systems in the body, including the musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiopulmonary and endocrine systems to name a few.  We also need to be familiar with and understand the pharmacological, surgical and chronic dizziness management that many of our patients undergo.  The vestibular specialist must also be familiar and comfortable with the biopsychosocial aspects of vestibular rehabilitation and know when and who to refer our patients to for these services.

A physical therapist who is new to the field may wonder how they will ever feel confident in all these aspects of vestibular rehabilitation to become a successful vestibular rehabilitation specialist.  A seasoned vestibular therapist may feel very confident in most conditions, but may feel they need more education in specific areas.   For both novice and experienced vestibular physical therapists, the need is the same.  MENTORSHIP.

Continuing education courses are invaluable to learn new skills and really hone in on one’s existing skills.  One-on-one mentorship is different.  This sort of training is tailored to your exact needs, right now.

  1. Discuss one of your current complex dizzy patients that you’ve hit a plateau with?
  2. Discuss whether it makes sense to refer your patient to a specialist?
  3. Looking for tips on how to talk to a local physician colleague about suggesting a treatment or course of care.

Whatever it is you need to discuss, we’re game.  Whatever challenge you’re facing, chances are, we’ve been there and have ideas for you on how to tackle it.  Specializing in vestibular rehabilitation for the last 20 years, both in clinic and classroom, has taught us how to navigate many of those tough questions.

One-on-One Business Mentorship

In 2008, Dr. Shah opened his own business. In that time goodlife physical therapy has grown to two offices.  He has hired, trained, and grew our team to 7 physical therapists.  While many things have gone well, there have also been a lot of mistakes. Some of those mistakes hurt more than others, but most importantly, you learned from them. Business is dynamic and Goodlife Physical Therapy is constantly learning better and more efficient ways to get things done.

Running a successful medical practice is so much more than treating patients. So much more that I think many medical providers don’t even know the half of what they are getting themselves into when they embark on opening a practice. Whether it’s hiring and managing staff, or marketing your services, or learning basic accounting skills, as a small business owner, it often falls upon you to do everything. We want to help our colleagues not make the same mistakes we did. We want to share our knowledge and experience with you to make your practice more successful and less frustrating. Bring us your questions, your frustrations and your challenges. We look forward to working with you to help your practice reach its full potential!

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