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Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a type of physical therapy that has been proven to treat a variety of conditions resulting in pelvic pain. This kind of therapy can benefit all genders. This specific form of physical therapy works on strengthening the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the pelvic floor. When muscles in the pelvic area become tight or weak, your daily life can be greatly affected, as this region helps in supporting the core of your body and is an integral part of everyday movement. Therefore, tight or weak pelvic floor muscles could lead to pelvic pain.

Your balance system relies on three different senses, including vision, proprioception, and the vestibular system. Balance is a large part of fall prevention, as lack of stability is one of the main reasons why falls occur. Our physical therapists will design a balanced training plan for you as part of your treatment. At Goodlife Physical Therapy, our physical therapists have completed special post-graduate training to evaluate and treat vestibular disorders. Together they have over 20 years of combined experience treating patients with dizziness and vertigo.

Registered Dietitians are food and nutrition experts. They can simplify the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living and use their nutrition expertise to help people make individualized, positive lifestyle changes. Here at GoodLife Rehab, we have a registered dietician on board who can help with nutrition plans so patients can experience weight loss, better digestion, improved physical performance, and more.

When there is a blockage in your lymphatic system, you may experience swelling of your arms or legs as the fluid is not able to drain properly. Improper drainage results in a build-up of the lymph fluid in your arms and legs, which can present possible health risks when it is left untreated. Thankfully, physical therapy is available to you to manage your pain symptoms if you’re dealing with this condition.

Our experienced clinicians will perform thorough multi-system questioning and assessments to identify the root of your pain and limitations. We utilize a patient-centered approach which includes regular reassessments in order to ensure your interventions are appropriate and providing expected and optimal results.

If you have been experiencing difficulties with your jaw, there is a chance you may have TMJ Dysfunction. Symptoms of this TMJ dysfunction include pain in the jaw, jaw popping, headaches, sore jaw muscles, locking of the jaw, pain in the temple, and earaches. Our physical therapist will analyze your jaw mobility and release muscle tension in the areas surrounding your neck and head to restore your normal function and the interaction of the jaw muscles and joints.


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The GoodLife family is an independent physical therapy owned business dedicated to our patient’s and profession. We provide the highest quality patient care based on the most current research and methodology. Our therapists participate in ongoing certification programs to help our patients on their journey to better. We believe your rehabilitation deserves our full attention which is why we take the time to perform routine re-assessments and provide patients with educational materials to further progress their recovery. Our mission is self-empowering recovery with the goal of providing skills and education to not only recover from this episode but learn how to manage future episodes should they arise.

Steven Tijerina

PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Vestibular Therapist

Kathryn Ehmann

PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Vestibular Therapist

Dana Weith

PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Vestibular Therapist

Anna Albrecht


Mickey Shah

PT, Physical Therapist, D.Sc., Certified Vestibular Therapist

Eileen Conneely

RD, LD, CPT, Registered Dietitian, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Women's Fitness Specialist

Meet Your Recovery Team

All of our physical therapists are dedicated to your health and recovery. GoodLife Physical Therapy is a caring environment, with physical therapists educated the best and most up-to-date exercises and recovery options to get you back to the things you love doing most! Not only will you recover stronger and faster from your initial injury, but you also learn how to maintain those benefits and prevent re-injury.

See how we help Guide you to Better 4 Easy Steps

1. Journey starts Here: Assessment

Your therapist will take detailed history about your symptoms, and check how your symptoms are affected by certain movement and positions.

2. Classification & Diagnosis

Based on which movements & positions trigger your symptoms, we will be able to diagnose your condition. This is vital to providing the most appropriate treatment.

3. Scientific Treatment & Self Treatment Strategies

Based on the Assessment, Classification and Diagnosis, your provider will prescribe specific interventions to reduce or abolish your symptoms and improve function.

The nature of your problem will be explained to you in detail and what can be done to help. We highly encourage our Patients to be actively involved in their journey to better.

4. Prevention strategies

By understanding your problem, and learning strategies for self-treatment, you will gain knowledge on how to minimize future episodes putting you in control.

Direct access is available no prescription required

1. Call at 708-966-4386 or schedule an appointment with us online.

2. Our team performs a courtesy verification for your benefit.

3. Complete intake forms with a simple link sent to your email or phone.

4. Just let us know your preferred schedule, and we’ll be sure to arrive on time with our skilled therapy services.

Direct Access refers to the freedom for prospective patients to attend Physical Therapy without an initial prescription.

On August 16, 2018, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed House Bill 4643. This bill allows consumers to begin physical therapy services without a doctor’s referral. Effective immediately, physical therapists can evaluate clients and determine a treatment plan without an initial referral, speeding the path to relief and healing.

Goodlife Physical Therapy is pleased to offer direct access to PT services for patients.

Request an appointment with one of our fantastic Physical Therapists today!

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Our purpose at GoodLife Physical Therapy is to leave a greater impact on the communities around us. In order to do that, we want to change as many lives as possible and become a beacon of positivity in our communities. Whatever your symptoms may be (neck or back pain, pelvic pain, joint pain, dizziness or vertigo, Lymphedema, Diabetes, etc), see how our Physical Therapists and Registered Dietitians could play a part in your success story!

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Your health is our highest priority. You’ll get back to enjoying your life sooner with our advanced physical therapy treatments, flexible scheduling and consistent care. Come see us! Your body will thank you.

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