Bladder Dysfunction Orland Park & Homer Glen, IL

Bladder Dysfunction

Bladder control problems are something that can be pretty uncomfortable for the average Joe to talk about, and that’s only natural! It’s a very personal issue that can sometimes be very worrisome to deal with.

However, having a discussion with a medical professional when you’re having issues controlling your bladder can be seriously beneficial. If you’re ready to get back to your normal routine, bladder retraining at GoodLife Physical Therapy in Homer Glen and Orland Park might be a good option for you. Request an appointment today!

How to know if my bladder needs to be retrained?

You might need bladder retraining therapy in Homer Glen and Orland Park if you are having problems holding your urine for a long period of time. If you notice yourself making a mad dash for the bathroom often, or if every bathroom trip seems to be an “emergency,” there’s a high possibility that you’re dealing with one of the following conditions:

Overflow incontinence

An inability to empty the bladder completely which leads to leakage.

Stress incontinence

Sudden pressure on your abdomen that causes leakage (possibly caused by coughing or sneezing.)

Urge incontinence

Unexpected urges to go to the bathroom because your bladder contracts even when it’s not full of urine.

Mixed incontinence

A combination of stress and urge incontinence.

If any of these conditions and symptoms sound familiar, contact GoodLife Physical Therapy today to learn more about our therapy services for bladder dysfunction.

What is bladder retraining?

At GoodLife Physical Therapy in Homer Glen and Orland Park, your therapist may ask for you to begin keeping a journal to track the frequency of your urges as well as any instances of leakage. From there, they will work with you to retrain your bladder by helping you to schedule bathroom visits and teaching you how to perform Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles that control your bladder.

The goal of bladder retraining is to help you to be able to hold more urine in your bladder, control your urges to go to the bathroom, and also increase the amount of time in between bathroom breaks.

Other ways to retrain your bladder are to cut down on the amount of liquids you consume every day that increase the need to urinate as well as drinking less fluid before you go to bed at night.

Contact our clinic today

Here at GoodLife Physical Therapy, we understand that talking about bladder issues can be quite uncomfortable for some. That’s why we make it a point to help all of our patients feel as natural and comfortable as possible during treatment. Remember that this is a common condition and that you’re not alone. Our therapists will be happy to assess your situation and help you to retrain your bladder in a safe, healthy way. Request an appointment today!